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1780's Floral and Striped Cotton Gown

This 1780’s floral and striped gown was designed for Katherina Cavalieri by Alex Jaeger for South Coast Repertory’s production “Amadeus” in May 2016.

I patterned and supervised the build of this gown. It has an underskirt and stomacher of striped cotton. The overskirt and boned bodice are a coordinating floral print.  The dress is worn over a linen and cane pannier hoop petticoat that I built from a historic pattern. To facilitate the actor’s quick changes, a separating zipper was used in the center back of the bodice. I would have preferred more period appropriate hooks and eyes along the stomacher. In theater there is often not time for such closures. Actor’s frequently need to change in and out of costumes quickly for the next scene.

Amadeus 03

Pictured: Marco Barricelli and Camille Thornton-Alson
Photo: Debora Robinson for South Coast Repertory. Used with permission.

Amadeus 01
Amadeus 02

At times theater demands anachronistic techniques in period costumes. Seen here is a zipper in the center back of the bodice to accommodate the actor’s quick changes.