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Corded Regency Short Stays

This set of corded regency short stays was a lot of fun to make! My client chose to have lacing in the front and back so she could dress herself. I used vintage off white satin over cotton coutille and 1/8″ cording. The top is bound with 5/8″ off white grosgrain and the bottom is bound with the satin. There is a 1/4″ spring steal bone on eight side of each row of grommets and a 1/4″ spiral steal bone diagonally across each side. I chose to add a second grommet to each strap for further adjustability and tied them to the stays with white 1/4″ elastic.

Regency Corded Stays (1)
Regency Corded Stays (2)
Regency Corded Stays (3)