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Custom Victorian Wedding Gown

I patterned and built this custom Victorian wedding gown for Erika Ceporius Miller Nguyen. Erika had long been a lover of period cosplay and her wedding day was no different. She had her great grandmother’s gown from the late 19th century and wanted that beautiful piece of family history to be part of her story.

I met with Erika and after fawning over the gorgeous antique dress we got to work. We discussed what she loved about it and what she wanted to change to make her gown more HER.

A lovely matte satin in just barely blush for the gown with a pleated bodice, puff sleeves and a double row of ruffles at the hem. Victorians never shied away from more so chiffon roses, glass seed beads and ostrich feathers completed Erika’s look for her day. It was such an honor to bring a bit of history back to life through a contemporary lens.

Erika Ceporius Miller Nguyen 02
Erika Ceporius Miller Nguyen 01