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Iridescent Red 1880's Late Victorian Bustle Gown

A late Victorian bustle gown in iridescent red taffeta. The bodice and overskirt are one piece and worn over an overskirt.  The asymmetrical bodice closes in front and has a piped single lapel front and back of matching embroidered taffeta. The V neckline is filled in with off white embroidered organza. This organza is also featured below the embroidered taffeta cuffs on the sleeves. The overskirt is pleated asymmetrically in the back and opens at the left side front. Revealed at the opening of the overskirt is the underskirt which is made of vintage off white Italian floral brocade.

This gown is worn over a petticoat that has six tiers ruffles going down the back and a three-tiered bustle pad with ruffles.

Red Victorian Bustle Gown 01

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Red Victorian Gown 02

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