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Victorian Bodice, Skirt, Corset, Petticoat and Bustle

I designed, patterned, and built this 1880’s Late Victorian Bustle Gown using photos of a historical bodice and a skirt from “Period Costume for Stage and Screen: Patterns for Women’s Dress, 1800-1909” by Jean Hunnisett as inspiration. Often using historical examples or existing work as an inspiration, I like to “tweek” designs into making them my own.

This gown is made of two coordinating fabrics as well as a bit of hand-dyed net for accents on the bodice.  I created two corsages of meticulously chosen faux flowers to adorn the bustle drapes.  This look, of course, would have never been complete without the appropriate corset, bustle and petticoat, all of which I constructed.

Photo by: Caleb Weston