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Custom Work

  1. Custom patterning and sewing of period or contemporary clothes. I bring your desired look to life as a custom, one-of-a-kind piece. I can build exactly what you want to order from pictures or a drawing you provide or I can consult with you in discussing silhouettes, fabrics, and details that best suit you and your needs.
  2. Consulting and instructing you to expand your existing sewing skill set. If you want to take your skills and your look to the next level I will work with you teaching you the steps to make it happen. I work with you on choosing an appropriate challenge level of garment style, fabric and construction. Each project you complete with me will increase your skills and confidence.


  1. Teaching student groups (high school – adult). I teach a curriculum of tasks and projects appropriate to the age, interest and knowledge of each group. Whether you want to learn basic alterations and repairs by hand or you’ve always wanted to learn how to make home goods and clothes, learning in a group of 3 or more can be just the right amount of push to help you reach your goal. Teaching space and machines provided by the client.
  2. Speaking to student groups. I share with students not only the varied careers that are available in the costuming, especially in live theater, but share the path I have taken in my career that has grown my technique, knowledge and confidence. Through the sharing of photos, and tangible examples, students are engaged and drawn to ask questions.

Kind Words

As a costume designer with 17 years of experience in dance, opera, and theatre I can state that quality and timely delivery are key in the business. Catherine Esera is able to do both and do it well! Her attention to detail in relation to period garments is lovely to see. She is a pleasure to work and able to problem solve in a collaborative manor. She has brought to life several designs I have given her and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The overall fit and drape of the garments she creates show true craftsmanship.

– Melanie Watnick, Costume Design

As a costume designer, I’ve worked with Catherine on many projects and am always excited at the prospect of getting to work with her again. She’s great at communication and has a strong understanding of designer intent. Even better, she has a strong understanding of all types of patterning and fabrics. She has a great eye and over the years has made my designs sing in ways I couldn’t have imagined!

– Paloma Young, Tony Award-Winning Costume Designer

I grew up in a home where my mom sewed everything for me. As a thank you, I had a lofty dream of sewing a handmade pea coat for her, something she had never owned. That dream came to reality when Catherine started offering sewing classes. With her patience, expertise & knowledge I was able to surprise my mom with a beautifully handmade coat. Catherine taught us so well that 10 years later, I’m still sewing, whether it’s making my own party decorations, doing alterations, or making costumes for my boys. I highly recommend Catherine, not only for her incredible knowledge but her ease in teaching it.

-Sharon Hughes, Sewing Student

Catherine has made me several pairs of men’s pants.  I gave her a pair that I loved and she took the measurements from these pants, bought the materials and made a couple of pairs for me.  They were perfect.  I am still wearing them and love the work she had done for me.  Catherine is an great seamstress who I would recommend to anyone.  Catherine is fabulous!

-Don Phillips, custom apparel client

My husband and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary next year, and to this day, one of the best experiences through the entire wedding planning process was the dress. I had a vision for what my wedding dress would look like, but I didn’t have the budget to buy one off the rack. So the best option I had was to convert a dress that I was gifted into my dream wedding dress, and Catherine helped me do just that! While her technical skills are above the rest, beyond that, the kindness, compassion and love she showed to me through this process is something I will never forget. She was confident in what she could deliver, and she never questioned what I wanted. She knew exactly how to deliver it. “

 – Anama Grey, custom apparel client

When it came to picking out my wedding dress I didn’t want to go try on a lot of dresses. I knew what I wanted, and luckily I knew somebody who I could go to to help make my vision a reality. Catherine Esera made it happen by just looking at pictures, and talking me through what was in my head. She took the time to pick out the perfect fabrics and color for someone who didn’t want the traditional stark white. I love my custom dress.

-Elizabeth Burke, custom apparel client

Catherine is super awesome! She is so fun and makes the whole process from start to finish easy. She is incredibly talented. You can really tell from even a short conversation that she loves what she does, and really wants her clients to be happy and comfortable.

 -Jordan Lin, custom apparel client

Catherine Esera is an expert seamstress that I have had alter my clothes for many years.  Never has she had to re-do any work she has done.  It is always perfect the first time she alters the clothing.  She is incredibly talented, honest and fast working.  I highly recommend Catherine!

-Judy Phillips, apparel alterations client

I’m always excited to talk with Catherine about a costume design. Catherine is a fantastic draper, but she is also incredibly good at capturing the way a garment wants to feel–it’s the ineffable thing that all the other details are trying to capture for a character, and it is so valuable to work with someone who is attuned to the big picture. Whether the topic is sleeve construction or how to deliver a sense of whimsy or grace, I know it will be a fun and productive conversation with Catherine.

-Sara Ryung Clement, Costume Designer